Let me illustrate the importance of goals by looking at a scene of the deciding game of a basketball championship. The teams have taken their warm-up shots and are physically ready for the game. The adrenalin is flowing and it’s obvious the players feel the excitement that goes with a championship game.They return to their dressing rooms and the coaches give them the last “shot in the arm” before action begins. “This is it, fellows. It’s now or never. We win or lose it all tonight. Nobody remembers the best man at a wedding, and nobody remembers who came in second. The whole season is tonight.
The players respond. They’re so charged up they almost tear the doors off the hinges as they rush back to the court. As they get to the court they stop short and, in complete confusion which gives way to frustration and anger, they point out that the goals have been removed. They angrily demand to know how they can playa game without the goals. They know that without goals, they would never know the score, never know whether they hit or missed, never know how they stacked up against competition and never know whether they were on or off the target. As a matter of fact, they wouldn’t even attempt to play the basketball game without the goals.

Those basketball goals are important, aren’t they? What about you? Are you attempting to play the game of life without goals? If you are, what’s the score?

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