Unlearning the bullshit

Flea training.
Part 1. Unlearning the bullshit.

Thoughts will lead to feelings, feelings leads to actions, and with action comes results.

Thoughts of food –> feeling of hunger –> buying food –> results = overweight.

Stressed thoughts –> feels the need to relieve stress –> go shopping –> result = budget deficit

Just like a computer, if we don’t change the programming, the results will always be the same. If we don’t change our mind’s conditioning, then we will think of the same things and get the same results.

Mind Conditioning –> Thoughts –> feelings –> Actions –> Results.

Bottom line. If we can change our mind’s conditioning, then we can get the outcome that we desire.

We can start changing our mind’s conditioning by identifying the problems.

First Problem. Verbal Programming

“money is the root of all evil, rich people are greedy, rich people are criminals, save money for the rainy days, money doesn’t buy happiness, there’s never enough for everyone”

These are some verbal programming that we are very used to. Take for example “money is the root of all evil” , this verbal programming is embedded in your subconscious that automatically we think that having money is evil, or bad. To rectify the situation, our subconscious will find a way that we spend/give away all our money so that we will be good.

Being rich requires you to have a rich mentality. A person who have a poor man’s mentality will never live a rich life.

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