Why you should date a guy with an insurance policy.


By: Alden Paul E. Yburan

These days finding that RIGHT guy for you can be tough. Coming from the financial and insurance industry, I wanted to point out the reasons why dating guys with insurance policies is always wise.

3 things. Hear me out.


#1 Accountability.

Today, thanks to Drake, YOLO happened. I was guilty of shouting YOLO once or twice in a drunken state while taking a group picture with people I barely know. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, work hard-play hard right? but YOLO without accountability is just stupid.

In college we were taught about accountability. Accountability, for those who weren’t listening at that time is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility of one’s actions. Being an adult means having accountabilities, taking responsibility of one’s actions, health and life.

A guy with an insurance policy means that he accepts responsibility of his own life, of his health and ultimately his future. It means that when he gets sick, he won’t go running to his parents for money.

How can a guy take care of you if he’s not even taking care of himself.


#2 Discipline

Discipline means self-control. Discipline means not going out because your down to your last Php1,000 before payday. Discipline means paying the bills first before partying.

Maintaining an insurance policy takes a massive amount of discipline. The discipline to give a portion of your income monthly for your protection is never easy, and to do this for 5-10 years is just amazing. Don’t you want to be with someone amazing?

Ladies remember, sacrificing at any time what he is for what he can become is a trait of a winner.

Be with a winner.


# 3 Outlook

A person with an insurance policy means that he have a certain expectation for the future, it means that he have goals for himself and for his family and not sickness nor death can keep him from those goals.

Goals are dreams with a deadline, be with a person with a long term plan, not a dude whose goal is to drink whiskey on weekends.



So there you have it girls, having an insurance policy separates the boys from the men. So before dating a guy, ask him if he have life insurance.hahaha

Guys, if you need life insurance. You know who to call.


About the author:988958_10152634255310777_4740069864813197157_n

Alden is branch manager for FWD Life Insurance Corporation, he is a financial adviser and an entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of Smarterpockets.com. He knows how stupid writing a 3rd person bio of himself can be.

mobile: 09989944956

email: aldenyburan@smarterpockets.com

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