if you want lasting change, you have to raise your standards.

It’s February, it’s way past the resolutions cutoff. Statistic showed that 95% of the people that actually made a resolution have already broken it by today. Why do we even bother with resolutions? it’s something inside of us that wants to become better. What does it really take to make these things happen? Think about…



Let me illustrate the importance of goals by looking at a scene of the deciding game of a basketball championship. The teams have taken their warm-up shots and are physically ready for the game. The adrenalin is flowing and it’s obvious the players feel the excitement that goes with a championship game.They return to their…

A letter that may change your financial future.

Dear You, You are all FUCKED, you just don’t know it yet. You are the millennial generation, the ninja/yolo generation. You are go getters, highly motivated BUT financially illiterate. Most of you think that the banks are doing you a favor by keeping your money. YOU are actually letting them use your hard earned money…

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the one life-changing class you never took

15th December 201415th December 2014
Thanks to everyone that participated in the very first Smarter Pockets "The one life-changing class you never took". It's time to take charge of your financial future. [gallery ids="403,404,405"]

Dec. 7 2014, The one life-changing class you never took

26th November 201426th November 2014
dec 7dec 7 This December 7, 2014, Smarter Pockets will conduct a 2 hour workshop/seminar on success and personal finance. Learn your way to imminent financial success, find out common pitfalls in money management and learn how build a financial wall for yourself and your family. Venue: Coffee Bean Scent, located at mango avenue, Cebu city. Time: 2 pm -5 pm Coffee of your choice will be served.
Registration Fee: 250/person Absolutely Free of charge for the first 30 confirmed attendees. Last date of registration: December 6, 2014

November 19, 2014: Basic Financial Literacy Seminar @ Funai Electric Cebu

17th November 201417th November 2014
20141119_101004 (1)20141119_101004 (1) Smarterpockets will be conducting a Basic Literacy Seminar on November 19, 2014 at Funai Electric Cebu, Mepz 2 Lapu2x City. This even is exclusive for Funai Employees. Basic problems in finances and how to deal with these problems will be discussed.   If you are interested in scheduling a financial literacy seminar or a pocket session with your friends, contact us, Absolutely free.    

August 2014: Teaching Parents of Kindergarten Students of Danao City Financial Basics

17th August 201417th August 2014
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