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financial planning

Developing your financial blueprint is our main task, We help you come up with the best plan that fits your current financial situation by utilizing a systematic step by step approach. We will be with you all the way throughout the process, your success is our business.

financial workshops

We frequently conduct financial workshops that teaches you on the basics of personal finance. This is very useful for anyone who needs motivation and direction in their lives. We believe that success can be achieved through proper personal finance.

pocketsmart academy

Change your financial future in 21 days! Our potential for success lies greatly in our ability to seek knowledge, and financial success can be achieved if we know how to handle our finances properly. We will help you from planning to implementation. All we need is your commitment for 3 weeks, your success is our business!


Personal Finance


Consumer Protection

Pocket Session

Smarter Pockets Academy

Change your financial future in 21 days!


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  • 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started as a group of financial advisors from a prestigious insurance company, during that time we learned the number one problem that’s causing the people to make bad financial decisions; lack of financial education. We decided to take this challenge head on and form a group dedicated to ensuring that the community will receive proper financial education.

  • Vision

    It is the vision of the company to become a premier institution in providing financial education and financial plan to individuals of the community.

  • Mission

    Smarter Pockets aims to empower the community to make better financial decisions and ultimately achieve financial security by providing proper financial education.

  • Goals

    It is our goal to see that majority of our young professionals have a solid financial plan, investment plan and a retirement plan.

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