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How to make $100k with an online course

How to make $100k with an online course

Online Courses

We are all ‘experts’ in something and we can monetize that information and experience by creating an online course to teach it to others. 

Thousands of people are creating online courses and generating passive income.

Creating an online course requires upfront work but once launched you only need to drive traffic to the site to drive sales. 

You can sell your courses on marketplaces like Udemy.com or you can create your own course website using sites like Teachable and creating a course to sell is simple as a few clicks.

The most common excuse for not creating a course is imposter syndrome where we doubt our own skills. We say “we are no expert so how can we create a course and charge for it? Who will even want to buy it?”

But the truth is the opposite. They have found that people learned more when the teacher was relatively new to the content because experts seemed to skip important details assuming everyone already knew it. To be a successful teacher you need not be a world expert. You simply need to know more than the person taking the course. 

Why do people pay for online courses when they can simply google the information for free? Great question but the answer is simple. They are paying you so they can learn the information at a fraction of the time it will take to surf the web to learn it on their own. I’d gladly pay for a course that will teach me something in 5 hours instead of spending 5 days teaching it to myself googling and reading blogs.

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