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Smarter Pockets is a community of ambitious people learning how to earn financial freedom.

What to expect from Smarter Pockets in the coming weeks :

  1. Tutorials: step by step guides how to get out of debt, make more money, and invest your savings so you can build your wealth.
  2. Forum: a place for us all to learn from each other and support each other as we each take our own journey to financial freedom. This is a private network where I will be helping answer as many questions as possible so you guys have the support you need to succeed.
  3. Experts: I will be inviting experts in many different areas to join our community and help support us all in the different areas we need. Some experts may include Branding and Marketing, Accounting and Legal, Software and technology and many other areas. The goal is to have experts in many areas so that we all get answers and support for our questions and businesses. I’ve already been speaking to world experts and they are excited to get involved.
  4. Live sessions: I will begin sharing content live for those who are members of SmarterPockets. I will show you all step by step how to build businesses and how to invest money. I will invite experts to present live for us all as well. Most sessions will be recorded and available to members to watch the replays whenever they want.
  5. Resources: I have begun compiling a huge list of amazing resources that all of you will find extremely valuable when trying to kill bad debt or increase your income. This will be a list of resources that will keep growing as we find more. I am relying on you to share with us the resources you’ve found valuable so that the rest of us can benefit as well.
  6. Coaching: While I will be trying my best to help everyone through my WhatsApp status, SmarterPockets and the Forum for free, I will be offering paid coaching for those that want my undivided attention and extra support to help them succeed. (We will also have group coaching for a cheaper rate)

This is a community about you, not me. It’s about you living your life the way you always wanted to. While I may be leading the community now, it is my hopes that you all succeed and then you can begin leading and helping the next group of members as they join.

I’m always available on our Forum to answer your questions and help guide you on your journey.

Ralph Lasry